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So tonight at dance I was feeling super umotivated to do anything, but I’m glad I went because:

  • I got to teach one of my favourite dances and even though all we did was spend time on the basics it was still nice to see progress.
  • I had a follow who was there for the first time say that she really liked seeing me dance and wanted to dance like me. <3
  • AND THEN I had a group of three high school girls that I geeked out with about Attack on Titan say that I was their favourite teacher and that they really loved watching me dance.
  • And my friend just got back from Japan so he brought me some awesome candies and an adorable notebook.

I still left early because I wasn’t feeling up to people, but I’m glad I went tonight. Which after the big rut I’ve been in for a long while, all of those were really amazingly awesome and well-timed things to hear.

To those who take the time to message the writer of that one fic and say how much you like the fic and etc.


You are awesome people. I don’t care how many times someone tells me I’m a good writer, or they like my stories or anything like that, it means the world EVERY DAMN TIME.

So thank you, kind readers. It’s like a warm hug on a cold day.


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Title: Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz cover) Artist: Celia Pavey 1,719,547 plays



holy shit

I read somewhere that sirens/mermaids sang songs that they heard from sailors on passing ships. I imagine this is what a modern siren would sound like singing this song.

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K, but, James had a friend facing bigotry and he became an illegal animagus to help make that friend’s life better.

Snape had a friend facing bigotry and he joined up with the bigots.

Like end of contest, bye

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I’m reading Nimona all the way through for the first time and I’m on Chapter 7 and…

And I have every possible sinking bad feeling about everything.

*keeps reading*

  • Name: Buttercup
  • Age: 31
  • Meaning behind tumblr url: just a version of my handle that isn’t taken everywhere!
  • Hobbies/Interests: Red vs Blue (though I’ve sadly lost interest since season 10 ended), MCU, lots of fantasy/sci fi/other fandoms. Playing video games years after everyone else (I’m currently playing Bioshock for the first time).
  • Why you follow me: Originally for RvB, now I follow you for the interesting stuff you post and because I like reading about your life and dance adventures (and for the occasional CT fic).
  • Random fact about yourself: I just moved from Portland to the Californian desert and I love it!
  • Question for me: What’s your favorite animal?

Hi Buttercup! :D

I feel you on the lost interest bit. It’s been fun watching the episodes along with everyone, but I’ve made no secret that I wasn’t very happy with the last two seasons… Also, Bioshock! I haven’t finished it (because I don’t do well with FPS games OR scary games, and that’s a bit of both), but I do love a lot about it.

CT fic is my jam. (Also, <3)

Oh man, that’s great! California is a pretty awesome state, I’ve been to a bit of it (San Francisco and Livemore National Lab, which was super shiny and new and well kept) and I really liked it.

My favourite animal is… it’s cats. It’s all cats. It’s big cats and tiny cats but especially big cats that think they’re tiny cats. It used to exclusively be snow leopards, but then I saw a bunch of videos of other big cats being dorks so now it’s just all cats. The fact that I have a small petting zoo in my house (2 dogs, 2 rats, 1 sugar glider) but said zoo does not contain a cat yet is quite upsetting to me.

staygold-kanerboy asked: *waves* hi! please call me sk, or s-k if you like! :) I'm almost 24, my url is because I wanted to maintain consistency in initials between my main and my side (my main is a weird ref to a hockey player dying his hair & my side, is a desperate plea PLEASE STOP TEAM-KILLING, EVERYBODY). Hobbies: too few these days. :( I follow you because you seem delightful and you do lots of RvB stuff! Fact about me: I love dancing and am TERRIBLE at it. Q for you: what fic would you wish into existence? :)

Hi sk! :D

For a while I was super confused before what you like posts it’s through your main blog but then you’d reblog them through your RvB blog and they have similar icons and it took me an embarrassingly long time to put two and two together.

My boyfriend also loves dancing and he does all the super amazingly “bad” dance moves like the shopping cart or the dice toss, but he does them all with this intense look of concentration somewhere between “you ready for this?!” and “come at me bro!” and that totally makes up for the fact that he doesn’t come swing dancing with me.

Oh man. Fic that I would wish into existence. I’m going to be really self-centered and talk about fics I am trying to write/tried to write once but that just aren’t actually going places, because 99% of the time when I see other people’s fic on my dash my reaction is “I would have never thought of that in a million years but now that I see it, it’s SO OBVIOUS.” So keeping that in mind, Once Upon a Time I wrote a short fic about Recovery One Wash taking a mandatory leave on a crappy small planet before he went off to find Epsilon and the Reds and Blues, and he goes in a bar and meets Allison, who is very much Not Dead. (I think) I wrote this before we knew about Carolina, before we’d seen the video where Allison was being all sweet. My idea at the time is that she found out she was declared dead and used that chance to jump-start a new life away from everything, and it was an idea supported by the Director being just as much of a fucktruck before PFL, which made a lot more sense before all the things I mentioned. THAT SAID. I still want to see this fic. I want to see Wash on mandatory leave, knowing that it’s just a way for the Director to see if he’ll be trusted with missions again after South shot him, Wash running into Allison and every scrap of memory of Epsilon all firing up at once, and he chases her and begs her to come back and show the Director she’s alive, because maybe that will fix everything. Of course, it wouldn’t. She knows it wouldn’t. Which is why she’s still in hiding. And what Wash chooses to do with that information. I would wish that fic into existence in a heartbeat, not necessarily written by me.

eponymous-rose asked: I'm eponymous_rose, I'm 26, and my URL is an overly complicated pun on my initials. Hobbies: piano, fencing, biking, hiking, traveling, baking, sad space marines. Why I follow: great writing and art and just overall super-coolness all around! Random fact: I have been near two large uncontrolled explosions (a transformer and a car). Question for you: If you had infinite time and patience, which hobby would you pick up?


Oh man, piano and fencing? I think those are the only two I didn’t know about and they’re both SUPER COOL.

Your random fact is extremely unnerving. A car explosion is pretty high up there on my list of irrationally constant fears, right below every bridge that I drive over collapsing suddenly at the middle. Soooo, yes, unnerving.

Art (she says, sarcastically). But, seriously, unlimited time and patience… would writing code count? I’ve been meaning to learn basic coding skills for years but I just can’t keep myself interested enough to do it. Alternatively, cake decorating. Like the kind of ridiculous shit you see on Food Network with fancy sugar-crafted tiny figurines.

Name: Alice

age: 19

meaning behind url: It was timelessalice for awhile, which is very pleasing to my ear. Now it’s mulder to match a friend of mine (whose url has Scully in it)

Hobbies/interests:  I like a lot of things! I’m very enthusiastic about a lot of things but I guess my top few are sewing/crafts, writing, drawing and dancing (i don’t get to do it much at all, though my school’s trying to start a swing dance club, which I’m pretty sure is only happening because big bad voodoo daddy played here two weeks ago)

Why you follow me: I originally followed you for RvB things, but I stuck around because a lot of shared interest (Even once I jumped ship on rvb)

Random fact: I’m really chatty! (Sorry) also I have a major aversion to pain but I have a very high pain tolerance.

Question for you: any other kinds of dance you’re interested in?

Hiiiiiii Alice! :D

Sewing/crafts is one of the neatest hobbies. I can find my way around a sewing machine pretty well, but I definitely have yards and yards of unused fabric where I went “oh, I can make this into a throw pillow!” and then neeeever picked it up again. Also a literal box of shirts/dresses to alter. Also, swing dance clubs are awesome! Your school should totally start one, and promptly fall in love with all the awesome danceable jazz music currently in the world!

Chatty is perfect! Yeah, I have the same aversion to pain, but without the high pain tolerance. I’ll sit and suffer in silence, though, and be bitter about it.

I’ve tried dances outside of swing before with little success. I love the laid-back improvisational style of swing so much that trying to do ballroom just feels super stiff and stifling. I do other types of swing dance, though, like balboa, and charleston, and St. Louis Shag, but they still have their roots in swing and the atmosphere of making shit up on the spot and seeing if they work out.

I do Bulgarian folk dancing, though, in much the same way as any Bulgarian would, with enthusiasm for kicking and yelling in good spirits but retaining a complete lack of formal training or coordinated movement as your (usually slightly drunk or alternatively very young) dancer buddies.

frecklesshake asked: i'm Celle, i'm 22, um. i, uh? freckles, shake? my hobbies include watching youtube way more than it's healthy and also gaming. followed bc suckington and cute kai art <3 random fact: hm. i don't have a sleep schedule and have awful sleep trouble. question: if you had to pick one as your darling, tucker, wash, or kai?

Hi hi! Your name is so pretty! :)

Surely there’s no longer a set amount of “healthy” youtube watching? I thought we as a society have moved past/accepted that youtube is now a constant part of a balanced internet diet…

Yay suckington! Also thanks, I really love drawing Sister. And writing Sister. Just, generally Sister.

My boyfriend also does not have a sleep schedule, so I can relate. I have a very strictly enforced schedule in the form of “I’m falling asleep at 11 pm even if I’m still standing”, which is a bit annoying in its own way.

Probably Tucker. He’s always been my favourite character and next to Wash and Kai, he’s literally the sanest person in the room. Plus I feel like he’d actually work hard to be good at things, which is definitely a positive.

anneapocalypse asked: I'm Anne, I'm 30, I like apocalyptic settings (pre, post, mid, any and all). I play video games, I write too much and not enough, I love cooking when I have time. Followed because I can always use more Carolina-positive people on my dash! Randonly: I love all things autumn. Relatedly: What is your favorite season?

Hiiiii! :D

Writing too much and not enough is such a relateable sentence/feeling to me! Also, more Carolina-positive people is pretty much a rule for a dash. Because she’s amazing.

My favourite season is winter. I am prone to the Winter Blues, and I don’t really do well with the cold (though I have lots and lots of cute winter clothes), but whenever it snows I get extremely happy, so it’s kind of worth it. I absolutely adore snow. And Christmas is my favourite holiday, so that helps too!

queseraawesome asked: Hello, yes, hello I am Sera and I am 23 and my url is a dumb joke like the song, and I like to write and bake and ride horses and color stupid shit and oh yeah I have to color you Princess Castiel I almost forgot and I follow you because you write awesome and CHICKEN AU and you are a sweetheart. Random Fact: I wanna learn to deadlift!!! Q: If you could live anywhere in teh world and didn't have to worry about property taxes or shit, where would it be?


I think I told you this before, but I kept reading your url as quasars are awesome, which is definitely too many words/letters, but quasars ARE awesome, so my brain didn’t think to make it an issue.

ALSO YES PLEASE ON PRINCESS CASTIEL (whenever you get around to it. I just really want to see it. <3) And Two Cats and a Chicken AU is the best thing.

Also deadlifting. Or just general lifting. Or general exercise. I’m a very lazy person. Don’t let the dancing posts fool you, my faovurite dances are when I can be incredibly lazy. (Which once you have the basics down pat, all of these dances are leisurely and lazy if you want them to be.)

Anywhere in the world… probably Finland. Or the Netherlands. Or Canada. Or really anywhere with nice firm winters with snow and less crappy regressive and conservative government issues. A country not super big on all of its citizens being able to buy firearms at the nearest mall with a laughable security check process would be most welcome.

In terms of just “I want to live here”-ness, probably Hawaii. It doesn’t have snow like all the other places I mentioned, but I spent a week there for a conference once and it was really amazing in pretty much every way.

  • Name: Patrick/Pat
  • Age: Just past my quarter-life crisis!
  • Meaning behind tumblr url: 2014’s been a shitty year so far, so I switched to this one because of a comment my best friend made.
  • Hobbies/Interests: Trying to write, learning critiquing skills, running (sorry, I don’t have a ton of hobbies currently, I just shed a bunch over the past year!)
  • Why you follow me: It started with Red vs Blue, and kept on because you post wonderful things (I want to learn dancing someday but it sounds scary!)
  • Random fact about yourself: I mispronounced marinara (as in marinara sauce) as marie-anna until the tender young age of 20 (no one ever corrected me, it’s not my fault!)
  • Question for me: Why/when did you start dancing?

Have you ever done one of those super awesome themed runs? I keep wanting to be a zombie for one of the zombie runs but I’m always out of town when they happen.

Dancing is the best! I love lindy hop because literally the only requirement is that you have fun and you don’t do anything that could hurt other people. That’s it! :D

It’s ok, I couldn’t say aluminum until after I graduated high school, I always said “allu-minion”. Same this with cinnamon. The English language is a bully.

I started my last year of college, so 2009. (As of earlier this month, it’s been 5 whole years!) I’d always wanted to try to swing dance, and at the time i had the pretty stereotypical view of swing that everyone starts with - a bunch of aerials and throwing the follow in the air and fancy way to catch her and swing her legs around and so on. But I always thought I’d need a partner to take the classes with, so that I had someone to dance with. But then I went to an involvement fair and found out that for that swing dance club you DON’T need a partner, and it was $5 for the whole semester and they had weekly classes. So I started going and fell in love, and then I went to Philly and saw some of the super advanced dancers dance and decided I want to do this in my life. And five years later, I’m still dancing, and it’s still a lot of fun, and I’ve still got lots of ways I can be getting better, which is still exciting. So overall, good decision 2009-Ree.

bigbutterandeggman asked: Name: Tyrel Clayton; Age: 22; Meaning behind tumblr url: Reference to song "Big Butter and Egg Man"; Hobbies/Interests: Swing Dancing stuffs; Why you follow me: Cause you post cool stuff; Random fact about yourself: It only took me three months to figure out how to solve a Rubik's Cube; Question for me: If you could be any cereal mascot for 24 hours, who would it be and why?

Hiiii Tyrel! :D Will you be at Lindy Focus??? We need to dance.

I’m still working on the Rubik’s Cube, my boyfriend has all kinds of twisty puzzles so he’s taught me to solve a few.

Oh man, I would probably be Captain Crunch. Because I get to turn people into cartoons, I command a ship, and I get to wear an awesome hat!

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