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neonlightssyndrome asked: "we will never run into one another on trains / there will be no chance meetings / we'll miss each other by minutes" - wifs, "we will never run into one another on trains"

It was strange, loving someone you’d never even met. She felt like she had seen him on a bus or at a coffee shop, something so ridiculously normal and mundane that she hadn’t given it a second thought. She had maybe caught his jaw (he had a strong jaw in her mind) or a hint of his cologne, maybe she just glimpsed at the way the light hit his face.

Maybe she’d never seen him at all.

Maybe he didn’t even know who she was, what she looked like, maybe he was in the dark like her, guessing, estimating, trying to remember.

But he loved her. She knew. They’ve never met, not really, but he loved her and she loved him, because what she felt was too big for one person, it needed two, it needed to be shared.

Priya knew as she walked towards the elevator at Nolan’s building that it would be enough, that knowledge, that feeling. They’ve missed each other in life in every possible physical way, according to her memories, but found each other in the one way that defies reason, logic, reality. In the one way that matters.

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